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We Repair ALL Clippers!!


(includes - sharpening, cleaning, adjusting, lubing, and inspection.  Necessary parts for repair are additional)

     Andis Master                                 $13.00-15.00

     Oster A5, 76, 111T, A2, Gold A5     $13.50-$17.00

     Oster A5 2-Spd, Old 10/111            $18.00

     Andis AG, BG, BG 2-Spd               $15.00

     Laube                               $15.00- $20.00

     Trimmers, Styliner, Outliner         $10.50

     23, All Wahls                       $11.50-13.00


Lather Machine Repair - We repair all makes of Latherizers 

     Labor = $37.50  +  Parts

     *Campbell warranties must be sent back to the factory - We CANNOT exchange for a new one.

Martinette Vacs

     Labor = $35.00  +  Parts


    We repair most brands of dryers. Material and labor costs are as required. Estimates given upon request with a minimal charge.
        Grooming Dryers - return unassembled - $5.00
                                          - return assembled      - $10.00
                                          - If we keep the dryer  - no charge
* For dual motor units double estimate fees.


We prepare estimates on request.   If repair is over the average cost, we charge a minimal fee.

       If the product is returned in pieces = $3.00 
       If re-assembled, but not fixed = $5.00

We also Repair:
     *Barber chairs, Sinks, Sterilizer Units, etc.
     *Also Belvedere Sink Faucets & Spray hoses

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